3rd Wave Coffee

What is 3rd Wave Coffee Making?

3rd Wave Coffee Making is the one without purchasing the cofee in mass amounts like ready coffee makers and chain coffee shops, by providing high quality seeds in small quantities directly or with minimal tooling, using different roasting profiles instead of the standard roasting profile and offering coffee to its guests using 3rd wave brewing methods.

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The tags on the packages of companies that roast and package coffee beans should be read carefully. Co2 gas is produced during roasting, that’s why coffee beans should be put in the rest fort he so-called degassing period Afterwards , coffee should be stored in Coffed Bags equipped with one way degassing valves which keep the complex aromo of coffee safe inside the package and deliver the best flavor. These packages prevent entering of environmental oxygen into them. The date of roasting must be present on the package and it must be seated tightly. Espresso and filter coffee are different from each other in the fineness of their grinds and in their brewing times.A cup of coffee is 98 percent water. So the quality of water used effects the taste of your coffee. Therefore, the water used to make coffee should be clean, fresh annd free of impurities.It shouldn’t be below Ph 7.



It is the world’s largest producer of coffee. Regional differences in flavors are hard to recognize in Brazilian coffees .It is known for its creamy medium body and low acidity and it has a natural and sweet taste. Both Robusta and Arabica species are grown there.

Colombian coffee is rich and strong bodied and it boasts chocolate, fruit and nutty undertones.Each region has its own characteristic.


It is the biggest Island of Indonesia. Sumatran Coffee is among the lowest-acid coffees. It has a rich and heavy body with a woody and spicy flavor, cocoa, leather and herbal undertones are also present.

Coffee is the main income source in this African country. Coffee produced in different countries has different characteristics and flavors. Rwanda coffees are more suitable for filter coffees with its strong acidity level and soft body. It also boasts some citrus and fruity notes.

Costa Rican Coffee is delicious and easy to drink. It has a hearty richness and excellent aroma. Costa Rican Coffee is distinguished, and notable for its good body and fruity and bright acidity with a clean and crisp taste.